Your new health
addiction is here.

You're Pretty Important

Because matcha as a daily drink improves both the cognitive and physical aspects of yourself it allows those you care about to experience a better, healthier you. Life is interconnected. Let's make it better for everyone, together.

Your Permanent Coffee Replacement

Introducing an energy boost without any negative side effects. 

Clean energy at your fingertips minus the jitters and anxiety that come with coffee and other energy drinks.

Replace your morning coffee with a hot cup of matcha or shake it up and have it iced as your afternoon pick-me-up or before your evening run!

Protect Your Body Against Toxins

Matcha contains an abnormally high concentration of natural phenolic antioxidants called Catechins, specifically Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), the most effective polyphenol in green tea.

In addition, the dense Chlorophyll content in matcha very effectively cleanses and detoxifies the body, getting rid of heavy metals and other dangerous baddies found within.

The Power of 10 Cups of Tea in 1

Loose-leaf tea is a result of steeping dry tea leaves in water and then throwing them out. On the other hand, matcha is the byproduct of stone grinding the youngest shade-grown leaves into a fine powder leading to its full consumption.

Consequentially, all health benefits are also multiplied. Matcha boasts a groundbreaking antioxidant score of 157,300 (per 100 grams) on the ORAC scale (blueberries have a score of 9,621).